Monday, July 6, 2009

How to play Bakugan Battle Brawlers Game

These are the basic steps how on how to play the exciting and new Bakugan game. This game is basically the new wave of Pokemon, but less complicated. Even though Bakugan is less complicated, there is still strategy to the Bakugan game.

Setup of the Bakugan

Each player will need to choose at least 3 of any color Bakugan (originally in their closed form that resembles a marble). When they are in their open form they are battle ready creatures. Preferably you would choose the higher "G-Power" Bakugan (located on the Bakugan itself), because usually the higher the G-Power the better. There are exceptions, but I will explain that later.

Every Bakugan will also have a Gate Card (1 of each color) and an Ability Card (1 of each color). For example, if you are playing with 3 Bakugan. You will have a total of 3 Gate Cards and 3 Ability Cards.

A Gate Card will be the one that contains a heavy metal in it. It has bonus attributes for each color and instructions. So be careful in reading what extra instructions you have to do.

An Ability Card will not have a heavy metal in it. It will be the lighter one. They can have specific instructions on when to be played and how they are played. So carefully read it before you choose to play them. They can be effectively used to sway the battle in your favor. Some Ability Cards also have bonus attributes as well.

Have all the Bakugan closed at the beginning of the game and do not show any of your cards to your opponents.

You will need find a smooth and leveled playing surface or use a Bakugan Battle Arena. Whatever you use make sure it is a medium-large sized area.

Playing the Bakugan Game

The most important part of the whole game. Who goes first. It is usually the youngest person goes first. But to make things fair you can roll a dice or however you want to decide who goes first. Once the person is chosen the game can officially begin.

Each player puts one Gate Card face down onto the field furthest from themselves. They have to touch each other.

The first person will start rolling their Bakugan onto the field (you cannot toss the Bakugan). You can roll it like a marble or you can use a specially made Bakugan hand launcher. Once the Bakugan opens up (called "standing") on a Gate Card it is the next person's turn. Even if the Bakugan does not open up, but is still on a Gate Card it is still considered standing.

If you have two Bakugan that is on the same card, then the first Bakugan has to move to another Gate Card. It can be moved to an empty Gate Card or it can be moved to a Gate Card that has an opponent's Bakugan on it.

If there is no possible way the Bakugan can be moved, then you automatically win that Gate Card and you place it in your use pile. You will also need to remove the two Bakugan from play as well.

If your Bakugan knocks off your opponents Bakugan off of the card, then you automatically get the Gate Card.

If there are two Bakugans on a Gate Card, one from you and one from your opponent, then you battle for it.

Compare both of the G-Powers on the Bakugan. Then flip the Gate Card over. Read and follow the instructions.

If you want you can use your Ability Cards at this time. The player that started the battle will get to play their Ability Cards first. Remember to follow the instructions, because it can be very specific. If there is a bonus attribute, then apply it at this time. Remember Ability Cards can only be used once the entire game. Once it is used it will go into the used pile.

After that is done, then apply the final attribute bonuses on the Gate Card and calculate the G-Power for both the battling Bakugan. The colors indicate how much G-Power to add to which colored Bakugan. The highest G-Powered Bakugan wins the Gate Card. An exception is that some Gate Cards have instructions that say the lowest G-Power Bakugan wins.

If there is a tie, then each person will close their Bakugan and roll it. Whoever is the first person to roll their Bakugan onto the same card will win it.

The Gate Card and the Bakugan are placed into each other's respective used pile. If any Bakugan is in the used pile, then you cannot use them again until all your Bakugan are in the used pile. This prevents players from using the same Bakugan over and over again.

The game continues on until there are no more Gate Cards on the field. Once there are no more Gate Cards then you will set up the field again. Use only Gate Cards that have not been placed in the used pile.

*(Series 2) the winner is the player who captures 3 Gate Cards first.

^ (Series 1) everyone battles until all the Gate Cards are captured. Each player adds up all the HSP (Hole Sector Points) from their captured Gate Cards. It will be marked on the Gate Cards itself (Series 1 Only). Each Bakugan is worth 100 HSP. Add them all up and the player with the most HSP wins the game. ^

* These are the new rules from the Series 2 Bakugan. These new rules were implemented for simpler game play.

^ These rules are a little bit more complicated, but you can still use them.